Your garden will be keeping you busy this month!
13th June 2011
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June is known as the growing month and as such, is a busy month in the garden. To keep it looking its best, here's what should be happening this month.


With temperatures rising and days lengthening, everything in the garden begins to grow with increased energy.


Your lawn will be growing with vigour now and you need to keep up with this increased rate of growth, so gradually lower the height of your mower blades. Also, if you feel it is needed, your lawn could benefit from applying a weed, feed and moss killer.


On the veggie patch, all those summer salad seeds need sowing and it's also time to plant out any remaining vegetable crops.


Fruit trees which seem over-laden with fruit can be thinned out - this will allow the remaining fruit to grow larger. As fruits ripen on fruit bushes, they will be vulnerable to hungry birds; netting them will provide protection, ensuring you don't lose all your harvest to our feathered friends!


Summer hanging baskets can be planted up now; the risk of late frost has passed so your baskets can be hung straight outside, and in just a few weeks you will be rewarded with a wonderfully colourful display.


As it gets hot and dry, your hanging baskets will need watering at least once a day to keep them looking fantastic.


The month of June is renowned for being a dry month so your garden is likely to need plenty of watering.  Alongside the plants taking on a new rate of growth are the weeds, so you may find your garden demanding a lot of your attention this month!


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