What do Luther Blissett, Mayor Dorothy Thornhill and Richard Harrington MP have in common?
17th November 2013
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Patrons usually agree to lend their name to a Charity as a way of supporting and promoting that Charity.

I used to be Trustee of another Charity which had a string of Patrons, all recognised and well respected personalities in their own field. Most did just that – they lent their name to the Charity, but did little else – and we were grateful that they had agreed to be associated with us. A few others were very involved and attended fund-raising meetings, acted as a compère at events, cut ribbons and did a lot more .


Watford Workshop (http://www.watfordworkshop.co.uk/), the Charity helping disabled and disadvantaged people get work experience and mainstream employment (and of which I am proud to be  a Trustee), seems to have struck lucky with its Patrons so far.

Our first Patron, Richard Harrington MP, who used to run a number of successful businesses before entering the world of politics, has already orchestrated a mailing campaign for us and pulled  a few strings to get some free printing (thank you to Metro Commercial Printing).  You can feel that Richard is missing the action of the business world…

Dorothy Thornhill, elected Mayor of Watford, not only wanted to know what was involved in the day-to-day work of the workshop (here she is being shown by Adam and Karen how to assemble a filter) but immediately also thought of practical ways to help and tap into various available funds.

As for Luther Blissett, upon hearing that cookery classes are part of the ‘life skills’ we give people at the Workshop, offered to come and cook us a curry (his Mum’s recipe..). Can’t wait…

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