Welcome to ethical giving
7th January 2014
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Welcome to ethical giving

Golden Giving is a donation and fundraising website, free to use for charities, donors and fundraisers. Donating and fundraising with Golden Giving means that more money goes to your intended charity or good cause.

Over £1 billion is donated online every year in the UK. Up to 25% of every donation is automatically deducted due to business management and operational costs, or due to the use of third party commercial organisations and their associated fees. Large to medium size charities individually spend huge sums of money to manage, develop and operate complex business and technical infrastructures, to support online donations and fundraising. Medium to small size charities use commercial organisations who provide donation and fundraising services, where the charities have not the skill, expertise or finance for self-provision. If everyone had used Golden Giving, then an extra £100 million to £200 million would have gone to charity front line causes.

With the explosion in the ways in which we access the Internet and the further digitisation of financial exchange, online donation and fundraising is becoming the primary way in which philanthropic individuals and organisations financially support the third sector. Online giving is the future. And Golden Giving is the ethical platform for everyone to donate and fundraise in aid of their chosen charity or good cause.

Golden Giving supports domestic and overseas, small and large, charities and good causes. Charities and good causes use the Golden Giving website to support, extend and enhance their own fundraising and donation platforms.

Golden Giving save charities time and money by providing a secure, integrated and seamless platform to process individual and regular donations, standing order and direct debit payment methods, promote events, sell tickets and memberships, discover and connect with sponsors, manage membership and volunteer management, receive real-time notifications and download reports, free of charge.

The Golden Giving mission is to create a new social infrastructure, providing charities and good causes with the range of tools required to fulfil their social mission, free of charge. Golden Giving is completely free for charities, fundraisers and donors, plus Gift Aid is reclaimed and passed on in full. Golden Giving provides the business tools and removes the business costs associated with charity donation and fundraising.

Philanthropic sponsorship

Golden Giving can provide its service free of charge, as it is sponsored by philanthropic individuals, public and private organisations who share the view that "company giving back" is a social responsibility. Golden Giving has develop the Golden Giving Charity Marketplace concept, where we connect our charity partners with sponsoring commercial organisations offering charity tailored products and services.

Golden Giving is committed to bringing back positive change. Everyone, from fundraisers, donors, charities, sponsors and businesses, can contribute to our mission to bring back ethical giving.

If you are interested in registering with Golden Giving or require further information, visit our website at http://goldengiving.com/charities or call us on 01442 851 404. Give from the heart.


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Golden Giving, (www.goldengiving.com), is a donation and fundraising website, free to use for charities, donors and fundraisers.

Over £1 billion is donated online every year in the UK. Up to 25% of every...

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