Watford's Wonderful Volunteers
2nd June 2011
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Outgoing Watford Borough Council Councillor, Alan Burtenshaw, has recently completed a successful year by donating money to his chosen charities.

Alan chose to support The Sea Lion Swimming Club and Watford New Hope Trust. Both these charities rely on volunteers to function and these volunteers just get on with the job seeking no recognition and get their satisfaction from knowing they have helped others less fortunate than themselves, something Alan really admires and values. He not only raised money for these two charities but also helped to promote the fantastic work they do at many events and functions.

  • The Sea Lions Swimming Club is for any person of any age with a disability plus their immediate family and helpers over the age of 16 years of age. The club provides a safe and friendly environment for people to swim, helping them with stamina, suppleness and strength as well as being a fun activity. For more information visit: www.sealionswimmingclub.org.uk/
  • Watford New Hope Trust was set up in 1990 to help and support homeless people. It provides a drop-in centre and emergency accomodation along with purpose built flats for those wanting to move on from homelessness. For more information visit: www.wnht.org   

So, if you are interested in becoming a volunteer for either of these worthwhile charities contact them through the websites above.

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