Watford residents take underpass makeover into their own hands
10th June 2010
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Local residents in Watford took the issue of a dirty, scary underpass into their hands and successfully campaigned to have it made over.


The unloved subway, which connects the Harlequin Centre to the Queen's Road, has been negelected for many years and is often cited as a thorn in the side of many Watford shoppers and visitors.


However, members of the Queen's Road Community Action Group decided to take matters into their own hands and successfully campaigned Watford Borough Council to ensure a range of essential improvements and maintenance to the subway.


The changes will include jet washing, repainting, deep cleaning and the planting of flowers and is one of just a number of successes achieved by the group since they formed last November. Others include the installation of CCTV in the area and important Police patrols during periods of frequent anti-social behaviour.


Local residents and business owners welcomed the improvements, which are hoped to increase foot traffic towards the Queen's Road and as such, improve the fortunes for companies and stores based along it.





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