Food Banks : Watford Residents on the Breadline?
17th September 2013
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As we see the development and creation of supermarkets across Watford, it is evident that growing numbers are not affording their weekly food bills.

The Trussell Trust, a national network of over 350 food banks, has handed out 1,300 food packages to Watford residents since its opening last year.  Working families and pensioners are even having to seek handouts to see food on the table.

The use of food banks has tripled in the UK in the last 12 months as families are gripped by food poverty due to increasing food prices, lower wages and changes to benefits provisions.

In Watford a voucher can be given by a GP, the citizens advice bureau or the Job Centre, which will provide three days worth of food from the Trussell Trust.

Food banks are not meant to be a long term solution to the problem but to provide a safety net until other means can be found, however Oxfam have reported that over half a million people in the UK are now reliant on them for survival. 

Quality food donations are collected at supermarkets across the borough, with the store matching the donation with a shopping voucher for the charity with a third of the food donation's value.  

For more information on gaining vouchers or to donate to a food bank visit


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