Watford Market is moving - Good News?
2nd July 2013
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The Watford Borough Council have just confirmed that they are signing a 25 year lease with the owners of TJ Hughes and are planning to move the market there, prior to the re-development of Charter Place. According to the Council's press release BM Bargins and Clements have both agreed leases in the building too and are expected to commence trading in their new locations in November 2013, while the market is expected to move into its new home in the summer of 2014. Other businesses are expected to follow.

Mayor Dorothy has been quoted as saying that these businesses "together with the New Market will create real vibrancy in this part of the town centre and attract more shoppers and visitors." Signs of refurbishment are already clearly visible in the top part of the town and work will start on Charter Place in the very near future. Is this the beginning of a bright new future for the town centre or will the move cause more upset and problems for local businesses many of whom are already struggling?

Let us know what you think.

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