Watford General Hospital - making progress?
25th February 2010
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Watford Hospital and the environs look a complete mess and to the casual observer appear chaotic. Traffic and building works compete most of the time to create a picture of mayhem. This is set to continue with a phased approach to the redevelopment of the hospital the most likely option, especially in the light of the economic climate. Ultimately, if the money can be found, Watford will have a wonderful sparkling Healthg Campus but in the meantime what is the effect of all the upheaval likely to be on the quality of care, service provision and staff moral?

Andy Burham MP visited recently to open the Accute Admissions Unit and said that the Trust has made a lot of progress since his last visit in 2007. What's your experience at Watford General? Are you a member of staff or have you or your family recently visited or been a patient at the hospital? Let us know you can respond by email to watford@thebestof.co.uk


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