Watford FC defy FA to give to charity
5th September 2011
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The owner of Watford FC has defied FA regulations and donated a large sum to disadvantaged people in the area - despite it being excluded from guidelines. 



Watford owner Laurence Bassini has said he will defy English football’s governing body by using £10,000 of the club’s prize money to benefit disadvantaged people in the area.



The Hornets were awarded the cash by the Football Association after winning the Championship’s Respect and Fair Play Award for last season due to its impressive disciplinary record during matches.



The FA told Watford it needs to spend the money on itself, not donate it to a charity, but Bassini said the cash will be given to the club’s Community Sports and Education Trust’s disability scheme for both children and adults.



Bassini said: “I was told I had to spend the money on the club and I wasn't allowed to give it to charity but I have still done it and if the FA want to argue with me later on, then that is their problem.



“It is our money and I believe it would be good to use it to help people.”

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