Watford Council Appoint Partner to Transform Town Centre
11th June 2010
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London Regional was formally appointed last Monday by the Council to work in partnership to design and build a new Charter Place! Watford residents will now eagerly await the outcome of their plans following public consultation later in the year.

Apparently the London Regional Development Director has described the YMCA tower in the centre of town as "unbelievably ugly" and has spoken of their idea to turn the building into something beautiful and iconic by "re-skinning" it. News indeed to the 125 year leaseholders the YMCA who have said in an interview with the Watford Observer that they have "no plans to change our building".

Watch that space.

We're all in favour of anything that really does transform the town centre, introducing new life and vibrancy to the town. It's not just about the cosmetic issues is it? We need functionality and sustainability, family friendly environments and increased footfall on the streets of the town. I worry that in the past solutions appear to have dropped on the town from a great height. Fine in themselves but wrecking everything surrounding them. Let's hope we can come up with an "integrated solution" that is more than a few catchy phrases but actually brings new life and an attractive environment to the centre of town.    

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