Watford Colosseum granted planning permission
10th February 2010
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Exciting new plans for the redevelopment of Watford Colosseum have been given the stamp of approval. The Council has been talking a lot recently about ideas to smarten up the centre and top end of the town. Their plans for improvements to the Colosseum have now been granted planning permission, so should be one step closer to becoming a reality!

The plan is for a major internal refurbishment of the building along with a new and very modern looking main entrance and foyer, which judging from the visuals will look quite dramatic. English Heritage were consulted and have suggested that further thought be given to the colour of the brick and the galzing but appear to have approved of the combination of the modern extension to the neo-Georgian facade. The claim is that the renowned acoustics will be preserved in the auditorium which is important and that the seating, lighting and customer facilities will all be improved.

I think the people of Watford have taken a lot of pride in the Colosseum in the past and it has enjoyed a really good reputation. It's long been integral to the cultural life of the town and been a first rate resource for entertainment for all tastes. Let's hope the development sees it restored to its former status.

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