Watford Borough Council is scrapping dog-waste bins
24th March 2011
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Dog bins are the latest 'victims' of the recession!


Watford Borough Council is removing 189 of the 380 dog bins as part of the latest budget cuts.


Dog owners are encouraged to use the general rubbish bins to dispose of their pet's waste.


Cutting the number of dog waste-only bins will save the Council approximately £25,000 per year.


However, dog owners are angry at the cuts, claiming that the move will result in an increasing amount of dog waste not cleared up. They argue that having the facilities available encourages them to use them, predicting that people will not be happy to walk around with a bag of poo until they find a bin.


Watford Mayor, Dorothy Thornhill, supports the cuts, arguing that removing the bins should make no difference to dog owners as they are now encouraged to use any bin rather than just the dog-waste only bins.

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