Want the perfect wedding without turning into Bridezilla? Our hints, tips and recommended Watford businesses will ensure your wedding goes according to plan
26th April 2014
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We’ve all been there… six months after offering heartfelt congratulations to a close friend on their engagement, we are ducking behind the aisles in supermarkets or crossing the road, head bowed low, in order to avoid them.

It’s not that we no longer love our friend dearly; simply that every meet up with them now instantly turns into a white noise of wedding plans, problems and paranoia.
Nobody wants to be that bride to be, and if you feel you’re in danger of walking up the aisle with a lot less friends than you started with, check which of the following Bridezilla traits you may be guilty of!

Non stop wedding talk

Most friends who ask how the wedding plans are going are just being polite, some are more interested than others. A 40 minute monologue covering everything from canapés to quarrels is rarely required.

Obsessing over the ‘perfect’ wedding

The only thing that needs to be absolutely right is the man standing opposite you. Imperfections in any other area are perfectly acceptable, and rarely noticed. And talking of the man standing opposite you….

Neglecting the prospective husband

Whilst men traditionally leave ‘all that wedding stuff’ to the bride and her many helpers, there are generally some areas where they would like to voice their opinion. Don’t leave the groom feeling like he is merely another accessory on the bride’s big day.

Brow beating your bridesmaids

These are likely to be your best friends or closest relatives. They are there to help you with the planning and on the day, but demanding they be there for you 24/7, accompanying you on every shopping trip, experimenting with you weekly at the hairdressers, whilst planning the perfect hen do is going to make them wish you’d chosen someone else. 

The diet disaster

Crash dieting is probably the worst thing you can do before your wedding, unless you actually prefer the tired washed out look, complemented by dull hair and sallow skin. Aim to eat healthy, sleep well and have some pampering treatments to make you feel good.

Breaking the bank

All weddings start with a budget, and most budgets go out of the window. So set yours realistically, then use your honeymoon fund as a ‘contingency’ budget. Sounds a bit mad but I promise it will make you think realistically about whether you actually want the doves/ ice sculpture/chimney sweep/photo booth/firework display if it means replacing Barbados with Bournemouth.

Here in Watford there are a number of businesses who will make sure your day goes smoothly, and within that budget.

Wedding hair and beauty

UD Hair Salon on Croxley Green Business Park in Watford offers an all round service which includes pampering sessions designed to leave you perfectly relaxed. Holistic therapy or a massage may be just what you need to loosen those pre wedding tension knots. And you can be your beautiful best with their range of facials, waxing treatments, spray tans and more. If you really want to go the whole hog you can even get teeth whitening, fillers and Botox at their cosmetic clinic.

And where UD Hair Salon really come into their own is obviously in treating your crowning glory. Expert stylists and hair designers will advise and create, offering style solutions to suit you and your bridesmaids, taking their individuality into account, and even the style of the dresses. They can also make sure the groom and his posse look uber smart on the day!


Your hands will be receiving more attention than on your average day, and if you want that cake cutting close up photo to reveal a perfectly manicured hand and stunningly sculptured nails, then head to Nails by Dani based in Bushey, Watford. Nail specialist Dani Jacobs has been specialising in fingers and toes since 2001 and is clearly an expert. Colours, French and gel nails using the leading Bio-scuplture products give your rings the perfect place to reside!

Wedding photos and videos

You may spend most of the day with your head in the clouds. If so you could spot SKM studios’ unique take on wedding photography. SKM Studios are one of the region’s leading aerial photographers, using remote controlled helicopters perfect for capturing that bird’s eye view of your venue, group shots, arrival of the bride and groom etc with CD, DVD and HD video services also available.

Of course SKM Studios will also create the traditional photographs that will capture every moment of your special day in just the way you imagine, and even upload the shots onto a personalised website, usually within 48 hours.

Wedding invitations and stationery

When you announce the date to your guests by way of invitation, you need to do it in style. RCD Design and Print have their own in-house graphic design and digital print service.

They can design to your requirements and offer not just the invitations but the Order of Service, place name cards and even Thank You cards. RCD Design and Print is a Watford based company with more than 30 years’ experience and their overriding aim is customer satisfaction.

The wedding dress

And finally of course, the dress. How do you make sure it is the perfect fit, the exact style you want, and absolutely pristine?

Esmeralda J’s Exclusive is the place to turn to. Whether you want your dream dress making from scratch, or need additions or alterations to a bought dress, owner of Esmeralda J’s Exclusive Jumana is the expert seamstress with a team of bespoke tailoring specialists waiting to make your design dreams come true. For alterations Esmeralda J’s will provide a quote for the actual work required, and does not, as many others do, charge a minimum fee. So you will only pay for what needs doing, no matter how minor or otherwise.

In addition to taking care of THE dress, Jumana’s service includes suits, shirts and coats, mother of the bride outfits and of course bridesmaid dresses. For a completely coordinated look Esmeralda J’s Exclusive can theme the look of the whole bridal party, right down to the men’s ties and hankies!

And Esmeralda J’s Exclusive have teamed up with Shamma Dry Cleaners in Watford to provide a comprehensive package for brides.

Registered as one of the elite group of prestigious Master Cleaners, Shamma Dry Cleaners provide Gold Standard dry cleaning at standard prices, with all items hand finished.

Brides who use Esmeralda J’s services will receive a discounted dry cleaning service, together with a boxing up service for travel and storage of the wedding gowns.

This one to one service ensures that this most important aspect of your big day is in the safest of hands.

Combine the above and every bride has a fighting chance of reaching her wedding day serene, solvent, beautiful, and importantly, with all friendships intact!

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