Top Tips For Beginning Photography
26th January 2014
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Fancy getting into photography? Here are some of our top tips to get you off your feet as you begin your pursuits as an amateur photographer.  


Dont go out and buy the most expensive camera and all the most expensive kit straight away. Start simple so that you can master the basics then upgrade to a better camera and gradually add in lenses, flashes, flash diffusers and all sorts. There are a lot of good point and shoot cameras available which may be a great place to start for a learner.

That being said, we would recommend you investing in a tripod. A tripod will hugely affect the quality of your shots and will quickly become essential. Shop around if you're on a budget, there are many good quality but affordable tripods available on the market.

Take your camera out with you all the time. Constantly taking photographs will be the best way to learn the ropes and quickly master photography. By constantly capturing images you will learn to understand better composition, lighting and the settings on your camera.

Experiment with your camera settings. Actually read the manual because it will tell you what all the little buttons do so that you can get the best image possible. It will also give you lots of tips to improve the way that your take photographs and to make the most of your camera.

Go online and read up on things like composition, lighting, white balance and aperture, then go out and take even more pictures to put it all into practice. There are so many brilliant websites and forums that will give you lots of advice and techniques to see a photography beginner gets to grips as soon as possible.

Choose the right mode. Once you've read the instructions and read up some tips and hints online you will know which mode is best for which situation. When you're out and about taking photos constantly change the mode setting to ensure the best possible image.

Think about lighting. OK lighting and fantastic lighting is the difference between an average photo and an incredible photo. Whether using natural or unnatural lighting, the lighting will be integral to getting a brilliant image.

Always use full resolution so that you have the best quality images possible.

Happy Snapping!

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