Time management or time manipulation?
29th April 2013
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Recently I was unable to attend a training course due to other commitments. As someone who is known for preaching the value and importance of good time management a number of people jumped at the opportunity to comment on (dare I say throw an accusation about) my lack of the aforementioned skill. This set me thinking about the reasons for my decision and brought to my mind some really important FACTS about time. Let me share a couple of them with you:

“Time is an absolute quantity” which means that you cannot actually create any more than you have been given in the first place. (This is a great leveller when it comes to productivity and advantage because it demonstrates that rich, poor or indifferent; we all have exactly the same resource of twenty-four hours in a day to get things done.) Having established this fact, it is a simple conclusion that time management is not really about getting everything done, but rather about making the right decisions and taking the appropriate actions to ensure that the most important things get done.                            

Sure, it is possible to get a whole lot more done during your twenty-four hour period, but this again comes down to planning, decision making and discipline. Whilst training is important, sometimes spending time working on your business and developing strategies to take it on to the next level is far more so. That is why it is called time ‘management’ not time ‘manipulation’.

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