The Paralympic Flame to come to Watford
16th August 2012
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The Paralympic Flame will be visiting Watford during the early hours of Wednesday 29 August on it's way from Stoke Mandeville Stadium to the Olympic Stadium in London.

The Flame leaves the Stoke Mandeville Stadium in Buckinghamshire at 8pm on Tuesday 28 August. It arrives in Watford at 00:41am on Wednesday 29 August, at the A41 North Western Avenue, from the Aerodrome Way sliproad / Rushton Avenue.

It then travels along the A41 North Western Avenue to the Sainsburys superstore entrance at The Dome roundabout, at 0:50am.

After a crew break it leaves Sainsburys at 1:58am and travels along the A412 St Albans Road passing North Watford library, Leggatts Wood Avenue and the BMW garage shortly afterwards.

It will carry on St Albans Road passing McDonalds at 2:05am before passing Balmoral Road and Judge Street at 2:12am. It carries on St Albans Road leading to the slip road to Beechen Grove at 2:24am.

It carries along the A411 Beechen Grove, passing opposite the Sainsburys town centre store entrance at 2:29am. It carries along the A411 Beechen Grove ring road passing Clarendon Road entrance at 2:30am and passes the Water lane entrance off the ring road by the skate park at 2:38am.

It travels on down the A411 Lower High Street, passing Watford High Street station and the entrance to Watford fire station at 2:40am. From there it carries on the A411 Lower High Street, passing the Waterfields Way entrance and leaves Watford borough at 2:43am.

Who needs an early night? Be there to cheer them on!


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