The Good People of Watford
2nd July 2010
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You know what I love most about my job? It's meeting all the friendly positive people of Watford! Seriously, even in these difficult times. Take this morning for example, I was buzzing around and met Nathalie from Area Life Magazine, Christine the Bushey hypnotherapist, then I saw Ray and co ( all happy and positive) then I saw the wonderful and talented Jumana at Esmeraldas the very special tailoring and alterations service in Bushey and then popped in to see Dick who has made us a fabulous sign for The Sacred Heart Fete in Bushey on Saturday 3rd July. All of that before 12 this morning and that's not counting the odd cheery wave and "how are you?" What have they all got in common? They all work really hard to do the very best job they can, they all provide a wonderful service and they are all positive and cheerful, oh yes and they all are members of thebestofwatford. It is tough out there but what a difference it makes if you can keep smiling!

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