The Dancing Woman sculpture finds a new home
27th May 2012
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The sculpture currently forms part of a water feature opposite the Town Hall and has for many years been a community focus point for both residents and visitors. Last September it was reported to the council that the sculpture had been vandalised, with one of the hands having been removed and stolen.

The sculpture, Dancing Woman, which is in Dyson-Smith’s ‘Art Nouveau’ style was donated to the town in 1962, two years after the sculptor’s death, by the prominent London solicitor, William Percy King. King, who lived in Nascot Wood Road, had been given the plaster original which he had cast in bronze.

King was a long standing resident with a passion for Watford, describing the town as “marvellously well run….very few towns have all the amenities we have and I‘m very grateful”.

The sculpture was unveiled in March 1963 in token of the devoted work of the Councillors past and present.

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