The Big Donation
28th September 2011
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Do you know anyone with a heart condition? If you do you will probably understand how important the work done by the British Heart Foudation (BHF) is.

The staff at Watford Borough Council certainly understand how important it is to give support to this important charity. They have collected together 40 bags, full of unwanted and usable items like clothes, accessories, shoes, handbags, books, CDs, bric-a-brac and childrens toys and have donated them to the BHF shop on The Parade in Watford town centre.

So, if you have unwanted and usable items, you too can take them along to the shop as part of the Big Donation this month and help a very worthy charity.

1 pair of shoes could help to provide information and support from a cardiac nurse on the council's Heart Helpline

9 books could help fund an hour of scientific research to help find a cure

6 handbags could help teach emergency life saving skills


Please remember that the BHF shop can't accept furniture, electrical items, carpet, rugs, glass, paper or broken dirty rubbish! However, if you have large items of furniture that are in good condition, you can visit the BHF website and book a collection.

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