Shout out Watford - it's time to big up our businesses!
1st February 2013
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The 14 Days of Love campaign is growing year on year, gaining national recognition and generating welcome and well deserved publicity to our unsung local business heroes.

Let's put Watford on the map - it couldn't be easier!

Word of mouth is the best recommendation any business can have, and offers you as a consumer reassurance that the business you may ultimately hand over your hard earned cash to is professional, reliable and trustworthy.  Today's 'word of mouth' spreads widely and rapidly via the Internet, which gives access to thousands of reviews of everything from hairspray to holidays.  The majority of these have been written by genuine customers who are not afraid to give an honest and generally unbiased testimonial.

The 14 Days of Love campaign invites you to sing the praises of your favourite local businesses.  Perhaps you are guilty of taking your impeccably groomed lawn for granted, secure in the knowledge that come rain or shine the nice man in the green van will be round regular as clockwork, trimming the edges, digging the borders, even clearing the gutters when winter comes.  Don't keep him all to yourself, give him some recognition by adding a testimonial on'll mean as much as that cold drink you give him on a hot summers day!  What about the boutique that goes out of their way to make sure you don't have to be stick thin to shop there, offering clothes for real women with real lumps and bumps!  Does your garage always make sure your car is safe and roadworthy without the need for a re-mortgage?  Did that decorator turn up every day, on time, until the job was done?

Watford has a wealth of reliable small businesses at the heart of it's community, often battling on through these challenging times.  We don't want to lose them and more importantly they deserve our support.  So take a few minutes out of your day to show your love and appreciation for our local businesses and tradespeople. Don't just tell the neighbours about the great service you got, tell the whole nation by adding a testimonial and pushing our home grown businesses up the Love-o-Meter!

Every testimonial added will gain entry into a daily prize draw offering a host of fantastic prizes.  How do you fancy a day at a luxury Spa, a trip on the Orient Express, a Magnum of Champagne?  You can see a full list of the delights on offer via the 14 Days of Love link, where you can also add your testimonial for the Watford businesses that you love.

This is a national campaign that is growing year on year, and generating interest in several national newspapers. With the winners being announced on the 15th February there is plenty of time to put Watford on the map.

Watford has some thriving business networking groups and a great business to business community.  Direct customer testimonials are only a part of the process, if you work hand in hand with other businesses or service providers now is the time for you all to support each other.

So check out the 14 Days of Love link, see where your favourite  businesses are on the Love-o-Meter and add your testimonials - it only takes a moment but can make an enormous difference to the local businesses and can push Watford to the top of the table.  

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