Sainsbury's opens 'Bee Hotel' in Watford
5th August 2010
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A local Sainsbury's in Watford will be one of the first supermarkets in the UK to open a new 'Bee Hotel', which celebrates the unsung heroes of the food chain.


The store, on Cow Lane in Watford, has been chosen as one of 38 stores across the UK to host a Bee Hotel, providing sanctury for local insects to reproduce and provide an essential boost to the UK's endangered bee populus.


Bee expert, Robin Dean, has been hired by Sainsbury's especially to maintain the Bee Hotel's and will be visiting Watford at regular intervals to ensure all is going to plan:


“This is groundbreaking work by Sainsbury's. We hope that by setting these bee hotels up at a network of stores across the city, we'll be able to help rejuvenate the bee population in Watford and learn more about why the population has decreased so dramatically over the past few years."





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