Protecting your children from online content
6th September 2011
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So, you have just got your family home connected to the internet after months of nagging from the children that they “need” their phones, iPods, computers to be able to access the internet.  But with so, many devices accessing the internet, often without your supervision, how to you protect your children from the perils of the internet?


Most parents already may have installed virus protection and possible set the parental controls on the family computer.  But what about the iPods, netbooks, mobiles etc.?  As more and more children of early and pre-teen years are using the internet for school, research or pleasure, you should take seriously fact the threat can come from multiple angles.


Fortunately there are some steps you can take.  Some are even FREE!  By understanding how your children are connecting to the internet, you can try and plug as many gaps as you can.  The easiest of these access points is your home broadband connection. Usually wireless, you may have many devices using this access.  Rather than try to add parental controls to each device, add it to the actual internet connection.  Some providers offer this service now as part of their package.  If they don’t, you can do it yourself. Try for one, or search on Google.  You will need to make sure your router is compatible, if not they are in-expensive to purchase.


This can apply to offices as well as homes.  The amount of working hours lost to Facebook is increasing all the time.  With DNS services you can decide which websites your children or employees are allowed to access based on keywords, website types or content.


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