Parking Restriction Information - Elton John Concert 29th May
20th May 2010
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Elton John concert – Saturday 29 May 2010 

Over 20,000 people are expected to attend Elton John’s concert at Vicarage Road Stadium on Saturday 29 May to raise funds for Watford Football Club. 

To ensure public safety on the day, there will be no parking or loading in Vicarage Road along the single yellow line section, between Harwoods Road and Farraline Road - effectively converting it to a double yellow line. Where possible, concert-goers are encouraged to walk or use public transport to get to the stadium.  

Special temporary signs will be in place to allow parking enforcement along this stretch of road between 8am and midnight on Saturday 29 May. This means that parking, waiting and loading will not be permitted. This restriction will also apply to Blue Badge holders. 

As the concert is not taking place within the usual match day enforcement hours, permit bays in the ‘Match day zone M/N’ will not be subject to enforcement. However, this does not apply to double yellow lines which will be robustly enforced throughout the day and evening. The permit bays in the full controlled parking zones will receive the usual enforcement up to 6.30pm. Please note that the usual permits and vouchers must be displayed between 8am and 6.30pm, but the double yellow lines in areas close to the stadium will be actively enforced up to midnight.  

This is essential to protect the emergency access routes for the stadium and the hospital, and to allow concert goers to enter and leave the stadium safely.  

The Police will also have the necessary power to close Vicarage Road at their discretion and if this is the case, this is likely to be between 3pm and 8pm. 

At the end of the concert, it is anticipated there will be another road closure between 10.30pm and midnight. Some residents may therefore be inconvenienced during these closures, during which, the normal match day signed diversion route will apply. 

In addition, the ‘shared use/pay and display’ bays in front of the stadium will be suspended from 2pm until midnight. Residents are advised to park within other permit bays in their own zone.  

For more information, please contact Watford’s Parking Shop on tel: 01908 223507 or visit them between 8am and 6.30pm at 71/73 Market Street.   

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