Over 50 and on the scrap heap? It’s less likely if you work in Watford.
22nd August 2014
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Life expectancy is rising all the time. In 1951 a 65 year old man could expect to live to the age of 77, today he can expect to live to 86; by 2050 that expectation will increase to 91 and according to the Office for National Statistics by as soon as 2020 people over fifty will account for one third of the total population.

State Pension age is gradually increasing at the same time, it's set to rise to 66 by 2020 and 68 by 2028. Meanwhile, saving for private pensions has been hard for many during the last few turbulent years, so many of us need to keep working and for those who want to carry on at work they can no longer be forced to retire at 65 if they don’t want to. But do employers generally recognise the benefits of keeping or recruiting older people and integrating them into mixed and diverse teams in the work place?

It should be obvious that generally we are keeping fit and healthy much later in life and some of the advantages that older people bring to the workplace include

  • The benefit of their experience
  • Enhanced and transferable skills
  • Greater flexibility with their time
  • A good work ethic
  • Good with customers
  • Confident communicators
  • And generally a positive attitude

Flexible working time directives and greater diversity in the work place can benefit everyone. So, if you or someone you know would like some more information or advice about fitting yourself for work as an over 50 follow this link to the  NI Direct Government web site.

Or have you had a variety of pensions over the years with different employers and need some help with sorting them out and planning financially? Take a look at the FixMyPension feature

On the other hand if you have suffered discrimination at work and would like some advice from a specialist, local solicitor Harsha Moore is expert in helping to resolve grievances and disputes. View her feature here. 

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