Nursery awarded outstanding in all areas
16th August 2011
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As parents wave their children off in the morning as they start nursery, it is good for parents to know that they the day will be beneficial to their child’s learning and development.


Now Busy Bees Nursery in South Oxhey has been awarded an  incredible “outstanding” rank in all areas of inspection after an Ofsted report, the first in the area to achieve this status.  


The Nursery in Woodhall Lane was given the rating after a visit by the school's inspectorate.


The nursery has been operating for more than 20 years but has only recently found a permanent home in Woodhall School, in March.


Cathy Tate, preschool supervisor, said: “We are the first group in the area to achieve this status and we pride ourselves on our caring provision.


“We have a team of highly qualified, motivated and caring staff offering a stimulating, safe and friendly environment with excellent parent partnerships.


“To receive outstanding in all areas is such a huge achievement and we are extremely proud of this and delighted that our hard work and commitment to the children here has been recognised.


“We have continually strived to work towards Outstanding status and will continue to do so to maintain this high standard of care.” 

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