Looking for love in Watford? Try a 'brief' encounter!
17th April 2013
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I'm not THAT old (ok, I'm not that young either!) but I do remember a time when the dating game was delicately referred to as 'courtship.'

When surreptitious glances over the top of a Babycham glass would lead to a shy smile, a hello the next week and eventually a self conscious invitation to dinner or the 'pictures' from which point a relationship would gradually blossom.

Things are very different these days.  Bars and nightclubs seem to be the domain of the twenty somethings and below, and even if you were to venture forth, there is little opportunity for polite introductory conversation when you can't even hear yourself think.  And our lives are so busy; if you focus on a career you may suddenly find that your social circle has shrunk and those that remain have got married and had babies whilst you were climbing the corporate ladder.  When we do socialise there are the impossible celebrity images we are expected to live up to, the fear of rejection, the not even knowing whether the person you're cosying up to is actually single or not. You could be forgiven for thinking that a Saturday night with Mr Cowell is the safer option. 

Online dating boasts a measure of success.  But they only boast about their successes - the percentage of failures is quietly brushed under the mouse mat.  And quite frankly many people's descriptions of themselves reveal in truth that they clearly do not possess a mirror, or indeed a photograph of themselves taken less than 15 years ago.

Which is why so many people are welcoming Speed Dating organised by Magenta Dating. A fun and social way to meet other single people their speed dating events are geared around single individuals who wish to meet new interesting people, face to face,  outside work, in well balanced, safe and fun environment.

Magenta Speed Dating gives you the opportunity to talk to up to 30 like minded singles in one night. There is no pressure and no embarrassment. Most participants are single professionals looking to meet new people in similar circumstances. They are interested in finding someone they’re compatible with and they want to do so in a safe, comfortable and dignified manner. 

Events are age specific although there is a measure of flexibility, however if you are significantly outside the age range you might limit your chances of finding a match.  It's a matter of personal choice and indeed personality whether you choose to attend alone.  Some people need the support of a friend but others may find themselves inhibited having someone in tow who knows them.  There are always friendly hosts available at the events to help you relax and have a good time.

So in a nutshell, Magenta Speed Dating events are an opportunity to experience an evening of 'mini dates!'  Each brief encounter, of approximately 3 minutes one to one conversation, gives you the time enough to decide whether you think you might 'click' or indeed an escape route when the chemistry clearly is not there!

There are scheduled breaks during the event, giving you time to mingle or get drinks at the bar. After the actual speed dating session you are encouraged to stay on a while and get to know people a little better.  And Magenta will take care of the potential awkwardness of taking things further, contacting you within 24 hours with your list of potential matches from the evening.

The evenings start at 7.00 pm until shortly before 9.30 pm and take place at Baroosh, 162 High Street, Uxbridge, UB8 1JZ.

Tickets are £15.00 (25% off second ticket).

Details can be found on our Events pages for the Over 30's evening scheduled for 18th April and the 25 to 35 yrs event on the 9th May.  There is also a link to the Magenta website, where you will find lots more tips and information.

So what are you waiting for? Go on, take the plunge and prepare to have fun and meet new people... who knows, you may find your prince (or princess) amongst the frogs!

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