Living Green in Hertfordshire
13th January 2015
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Thanks to Three Rivers District and Watford Council for their money saving tips to help reduce your cost of living and your impact on the environment.

Number One on their list of environmental and money saving tips is -

Drive Smarter -

  • Go easy on your right foot
  • Avoiding rapid acceleration and braking
  • Ensure tyre pressures are correct
  • Drive smoothly
Switch off at the socket
  • Leaving appliances plugged in when they're not in use can add up to a lot of money over the course of a year. What a waste!
Knock 1 Deg off your thermostat
  • If you can keep room temperatures below 20C during the day and 18C at night you should be comfortable and may be able to save money. Dropping by 1 deg adds big savings over time. 
  • Check your loft insulation - ideally 270mm of insulation should do the trick and if you have cavity walls see if you can get them insulated too.
Check out the Green Our Herts web site for more information and keep warm and safe this winter.

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