Learn to cook your home grown spuds and veggies
19th September 2018
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There is nothing better than growing your own spuds and vegetables! So why not come along to the home grown ingredients cooking demo on 30 September (4pm to 6pm) at the Bandstand in Cassiobury Park - organised by the Grove Hotel and Grow Watford - to learn to cook your freshly dug fruit and vegetables.

The event will be inspiring people to grow at home and create tasty gourmet meals with simple ingredients, with The Grove’s talented Head Chef Stephen Wheeler leading the demo. His long list of impressive experience includes working at Harrods, the luxurious Six Senses Laamu resort in the Maldives and Wembley Stadium. Grow Watford is a gardening group based in Cassiobury, where you can take part in free gardening sessions to learn, grow and share your fruit and vegetables at the community raised beds. 

As well as the cooking demo, attendees are encouraged to take part in Grow Watford’s “Community Seed Swap” and veggie swap, where you can bring your spare fruit and vegetable seeds or veggies and swap with your neighbours. 

Anu Hawoldar, founder of Grow Watford, said: “Grow Your Own, Watford welcomes you all to join us for our first big event involving learning to cook with fresh simple ingredients from our back garden. If only 10% of us do it, there’s enough for everyone - let’s keep costs of living down, keep calm and garden on! Join our Facebook group for updates on upcoming events.”

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