Last minute office Christmas party woes?
17th November 2011
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Time is getting on if you are the person who has been charged with arranging a Christmas party for your place of work, club or even just a group of friends.


But there is still time to arrange a great night out for friends and colleagues with the help and advice from thebestof Watford.


How much and where?


The traditional Christmas party based on a few drinks and nibbles in the office is a bit old hat now, but it’s certainly cheap. Working out where you are going to arrange your night will depend on the budget, so sort that out first. More extravagant events and activities will be more expensive, so try and strike a balance between what people want, and what they can afford.


Who is invited?


If you work for a bigger company, then some departments might already have plans. Do people want to bring their partners or even children? Make sure everyone knows who the invitation is meant for. If you decide on no partners, then let people know to avoid awkward situations on the night.


When are you having it?


It’s getting late in the year and some venues might be booked up for a lot of dates. If there is a particular date which works best, or one that needs to be avoided due to other commitments, then try shopping around for availability first. Pick the venue around your date, rather than the other way around.


How about trying something a little different this Christmas?


Christmas parties don’t all have to be about food and drink. There are plenty of activities you could do together for a bit of fun. Bowling, laser games or perhaps a comedy night. Or make a day of it, paintballing or go karting. It might sound a bit ‘stag night’ but it’s good fun.


Don’t panic!


Bars and restaurants are all desperate for a slice of the Christmas party market, so there’ll be no shortage of availability, even if you have to look around for a date you want. Keep an open mind going in to it and you should have no problem finding a venue or an activity to suit.

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