It’s not just ‘Trick or Treating’ on All Hallows Eve!
26th September 2011
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Often decried as being ‘an American tradition’, the practice of Trick or Treating has become more commonplace in the UK in the last couple of decades, some say aided by films such as ET, which feature it prominently.

But complaints of this tradition crossing the Atlantic are wide of the mark, as it actually began on these shores, with a reference to the practice of going door to door asking for food even mentioned in Shakespeare and ‘Guising’ – the practice of youngsters in disguise knocking on doors in return for cakes and treats was common in Scotland as early as 1895.

Almost as traditional as ‘trick or treating’ are the annual urban legends about razor blades hidden in apples and poisoned sweets. Whilst these are only scary stories befitting the atmosphere of the night, and the worst you can realistically expect is short shrift from a curmudgeonly neighbour, you still want to ensure you keep your children safe and sound.

Ensuring that you, or a responsible older sibling is with the younger ghosts and ghouls at all times is the obvious first port of call, but why not arrange a ‘Trick or Treating’ circle amongst local families to give the kids all the fun of knocking on doors to get sweets in return for their fancy dress efforts, whilst ensuring that they will only be met by a friendly face.

But Halloween isn’t only for kids! Adults can join the fun too, and raise some money for Charity along the way. Why not come down to The Devere Hotel, Hunton Bridge, Watford for their Halloween Quiz Night in aid of The Peace Hospice on 14th October at 7.00pm?


Alternatively, ladies can take part in the Creepy Cassiobury Crawl, a sponsored Halloween walk to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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