Hosepipe ban for Watford - hints and tips
13th April 2012
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Veolia Water – supplier for Watford – issued a hosepipe ban last week after months of below average rainfall saw the South East of England given drought status.


With no end to the dry weather in sight, the following activities have been banned:


  • Watering of garden or plants
  • Washing of a motor vehicle or private leisure boat
  • Filling a domestic swimming or paddling pool
  • Filling of domestic ponds or ornamental fountains
  • Drawing of water for recreational use
  • The cleaning or washing of domestic walls and windows, paths, patios and artificial outdoor surfaces


The local water supplier has also offered the following advice to help save water.


Take a shower instead of a bath. A 10 minute shower only uses 35 litres of water whilst a bath on average uses 80. Minimise waste by only running washing machines and dishwashers when at capacity and turn off the tap when brushing your teeth – saving up to six litres every time! 


You can also protect your garden with some easy measures. When selecting the plants for this year, look for drought tolerant varieties (but bear in mind they will need water until their roots are established) so why not get a water butt to catch any rain which falls over the next few weeks. It may not be much, but you can use this on your garden.


And for the lawn? Let it grow more. Longer blades help store more water, leaving it greener for longer.


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