Helpful Tips For Watford Drivers This Winter
12th January 2014
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With plummeting cold temperatures and icy weather forecasted it is so important to consider your driving if you plan on taking to the roads in the bad conditions. Unfortunately too many drivers donât plan ahead for winter weather and can be caught out by the road conditions. We've come up with a few tips to see you safely through spring. 

If the weather is really bad it can often be safer not to drive at all. Unfortunately you cannot predict how other drivers will handle the conditions or rely on the roads being gritted properly for safe driving. However, if you do take to the roads we recommend that you drive to the conditions, be it ice, snow, sleet or fog. This may often mean slowing down and taking corners and junctions slowly. Speeding or tailgating is never a good idea but you're asking for trouble to do this if the roads are covered with snow or ice. Be prepared for how your car will handle on ice or how to park/pull away in thick snow. 

Avoid smaller roads that may have not been gritted and are more likely to have black ice. Use your fog lights if visibility is poor, especially if you're using country roads at night. 

Pack some emergency supplies just in case you're caught in traffic, have an accident or get snowed in. This may include a blanket, fold away shovel, a torch, warm clothes, a phone charger, and some food and drink. It's always better to be prepared! 

Make sure that your screen wash is topped up including plenty of antifreeze and that you have a windscreen scraper at hand. 

Plan your route. Watford is known for it bad traffic at the best of times, so plan ahead to avoid jams where high volumes of traffic meet bad conditions. Avoiding rush hour and dangerous junctions can ensure a safer journey.

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