Harvest Festival Watford: Giving with a little more ‘oomph’!
24th August 2013
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When I was knee-high to a Grasshopper, I remember the yearly clanging as my Mum rooted around the back of the kitchen cupboards for tins of food so accustomed to darkness they all but blinked when pulled into daylight.

Every once in a while a tin would be found that was actually out of date: do you know how long it takes for that to happen??

So, why were these canned monstrosities being mercilessly hauled into the outside world? Simple: it was Harvest Festival and I had to take a food-based donation into school.

Mine wasn’t the only family to treat this annual event with mild disdain: the pyramid of tinned corn, lychees in syrup, and Mulligatawny soup in Harvest Festival assembly told its own story.

Why do I mention all of this? Well “Harvest 2013” is due to begin in Watford (1st September to be exact), with donations of food and toiletries being accepted by Watford New Hope Trust – a charity supporting those who are homeless or vulnerably-housed in and around Watford.

The charity houses up to 60 people every night, but needs the support of the community to do so.

We’d be ever so grateful if – just once per year (starting with this year!) – you could donate something tasty, even non-tinned, to the cause.

Just think: the space created in your kitchen could be used for something even tastier.

It’s easy to get your school, church, community group, or company involved. Just visit http://wnht.org/harvest/ and follow the link to our response form.

Watford New Hope Trust have also teamed up with Watford Foodbank and Watford and Three Rivers Refugee Project this year to ensure that all who are hungry, and in financial difficulty, receive food.

With your help, we aim to have a bumper harvest this year (pun entirely intentional)!

If you’d like any further information, please feel free to email harvest@wnht.org or call Rebecca on 01923 210 680.

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