Green Gym for Watford
16th June 2010
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The Harlequin Centre hosted the launch of the first Green Gym in Watford on the 16th June in a venture that they have co-funded with BTCV and Watford Borough Council.


Alex Sylvester of BTCV explained that the concept of the Green Gym is to enable improvements to the local environment while delivering fitness and health benefits for local volunteers. By working together on improving local green spaces, volunteers will become physically and mentally healthier while taking part in nature conservation activities and thereby improving the local environment at the same time.


Activities will include: wild flower planting, woodland management, hedge planting, traditional wild flower meadow management, riverside path creation and construction of homes for wildlife, including an otter Holt.


Medical research undertaken by Oxford Brookes University supports the idea that physical activities such as tree planting help to improve fitness and energy levels for volunteers, reducing anxiety, depression, and improving mood, self-worth and body-image while at the same time, reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, blood pressure and osteoporosis.


So why not take this opportunity to improve your health and fitness while learning new skills and meeting new people in a friendly outdoor setting?   


As Watford Mayor Dorothy Thornhill says “There is a wonderful park which runs the entire length of Watford, centred on the River Colne and I would encourage Watford residents to visit and take part in the Green Gym. What could be more satisfying than knowing that you are not only keeping fit but that you have also done your bit for the environment and left a legacy for future generations?”   


The Harlequin will mount a Green Gym display on the Upper Mall on Sunday 11th July from 10:30 – 5:00PM


Pictured  above - Watford Elected Mayor Dorothy Thornhill with Harlequin Marketing Manager Chrissy Dawson and other volunteers.

Pictured below - The Harlequin team led by General Manager Michael Stevens (3Rd from left) and representatives of BTCV support Mayor Dorothy Thornhill (centre) and get digging!


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