Good News for Watford Council Tax Payers
30th January 2012
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Watford Borough Council has announced that it is set to freeze it's share of the council tax for 2012/13 after proposals made by Mayor Dorothy Thornhill were agreed by Full Council. 

The freeze fulfils the Mayor's objective to ensure that any council tax increases should be below inflation and results in the councils share of council tax for Band D households being £249.84 unchanged from 2011/12.

Mayor Dorothy points out that the council has made nine successive years of below inflation increases which means, she says," the average household is paying under £5 per week for the many services the council provide." The freeze in charges has been achieved by year on year savings in expenditure. Further good news is the capital budget remains ring fenced for some major projects including the refurbishment of the top of the town and the Charter Place redevelopment. The Mayor appears to be confident that these projects will be delivered.

This sounds like good news for Watford residents, let's hope the County Council and the Police Authority are able to follow the Mayor's lead. Watch this space, we'll have to wait until March before we hear.


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