Glove Love in Watford
30th December 2010
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Glove Love is a scheme to reduce waste run by Green Thing. Single gloves that have been separated from their original partners are washed, repaired and repackaged with recycled nametags that explain the stories behind each glove. The uniquely paired Glove Love is then sold via Green Thing's website.

So, if like me, you find you have a missing glove when temperatures dip and your hands are freezing, Glove Love could solve your problem using a sustainable, simple and fun solution. Plenty of green living people have already solved their cold weather needs this way by either donating or buying gloves!

To donate gloves, bring them to Customer Service Centre, Town Hall, Watford, WD17 3EX before 28 February 2011 (please note the Town Hall is closed from 24 December until 4 January) 

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