Wondering what to do with your old table and chairs?
22nd October 2015
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What Goes Around Comes Around....

You may think the very old G-Plan table that’s been in your dining room for some while now, is some 1970’s throwback and is now just giving you somewhere to plant your bottom and place your plate.

But you’d be wrong! It’s a beautiful piece of furniture – created by craftsmen using quality wood and timeless techniques. G-Plan is very “in” and retro, just take a look at Ebay

Think about what that table has been through over the last 40 years. The stories it could tell. The dinner parties, the Saturday morning coffee with the papers, your children doing their homework, you doing your children’s homework - it’s a living, breathing piece of furniture.

And now you’re thinking of getting rid, just because it’s looking a bit tired and shabby. What will you replace it with? Good quality furniture is hard to find.

We can restore your table, make it look better than new and you can watch new memories being made, maybe with your grandchildren this time.

Let’s make memories.

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