Getting Together Trip Preview - Bhaktivedanta Manor
22nd July 2016
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Watford and Three Rivers is very diverse, and we want to reflect that in the trips and outings that we organise. Bhaktivedanta Manor is set to the fantastic backdrop of Aldenham village, owned and run by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

It was originally donated to the society by Beatle George Harrison, a famous proponent of mindfulness and supporter of local religious organisations. Since then it has been used as a place of worship, learning and hosting, able to host 60,000 for large festivals like Janmashtami.

The manor itself is a large, beautiful piece of architecture, constructed in the 19th Century as a mock Tudor mansion, and it certainly looks the part. If you are able to prize your eyes away from the beautiful building itself, there are 70 acres of landscaped surroundings, featuring flower gardens, lawns and an artificial lake. The lake itself is no stranger to wildlife, drawing in a stunning variety of water fowl.

More glorious scenery awaits inside the manor, the temple as it’s centerpiece, with three ornate domed shrines and altar of carved wood. Also inside the main building is a primary school, college facility, bakery and small theatre. This is one for the budding photographers among you.

We live in a county where all cultures are rightly celebrated, and this is a fantastic opportunity to do just that, in one of the most beautiful settings imaginable. This trip is a special one, open to members and friends and non-members alike. Experience something different this August, and join us on our trip to Bhaktivedanta Manor.

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