Funding Programme for Watford Voluntary and Community Groups.
5th August 2010
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Council’s £50,000 boost for voluntary and community groups to help make Watford a healthier and safer town 

Do you know, or are you part of a local organisation, community and/or  voluntary group that works within the Watford community? If the answer is yes, then your group may be eligible to apply for funding from Watford Borough Council's Annual Funding Programme.  

When applying for the 2010-2011 funding awards local community groups and organisations are asked to consider and address at least one of One Watford’s Sustainable Community Strategy Priorities, which focus on making Watford either a healthy or safer town i.e. 

Projects which promote a healthy lifestyle amongst hard to reach and at risk communities within the town, or

 Projects which:

  • are aimed at increasing young people’s contribution to reducing crime and disorder;
  • prevent young people becoming involved in criminal and anti social behaviour;
  • involve innovative ways of tackling all forms of anti social behaviour; or
  • are from youth lead organisation, primarily where the committee is made up of young people.

 Funding of up to £1000 is available to youth groups that are supported by a wider organisation or community groups within the Watford area. A formal constitution is not required, but groups must be able to demonstrate that they are sufficiently organised and have the capability to carry out the project. 

Funding of between £1001 and £3500 is available to constituted groups within the Watford area. All applicants must have either charitable, voluntary or ‘not for profit’ status. 

All projects must be completed by 31 March 2011. 

General application guidelines do apply and these are as follows:

The fund is available to groups only, therefore individuals cannot apply for the fund.

In order to be considered for funding, all applications must be:

  • received by the deadline date of 4.45pm, Friday 17 September 2010
  • signed by the Chair or nominated lead person
  • accompanied by any additional paperwork or supporting information.

If you are interested in finding out more about the funding programme or would like to request an application form please contact Kim Carroll on tel: 01923 278326 or email: 

Dorothy Thornhill, Mayor of Watford said: “It is a priority of Watford Borough Council to support the good work undertaken by all our local voluntary organisations.” 

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