Free public wifi network for Watford's residents, businesses and visitors!
16th July 2015
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Great news for residents, local businesses and visitors alike - Watford town centre will soon have a free public wifi network!

That's right - no more 3G or 4G, E or GPRS… just those wonderful curved lines with a dot at the bottom that signals you're connected to wifi.

Provided at no cost by intechnologyWiFi (a thousand thank you!), the network will provide seamless, 'always on' connectivity at no cost to users or Watford Borough Council. And you don't need to worry as there won't be any time or bandwidth limitations.

In addition, intechnologyWiFi (obviously going for a sainthood) will be providing a smartphone app so that Watford Council can promote local businesses and deliver services that are aligned with its objectives. For example, the technology will be supporting Watford Community Housing Trust's social inclusion objectives. 80% of its residents want more services to be online; free, unlimited wifi will enable this request to be fulfilled.

Also, by giving local residents the ability to be more involved in their own community - easily report problems, engage in local decision-making - community engagement should become much stronger.

Details are still being finalised but it looks set to be ready to do by late summer.

For the latest updates, visit Watford Borough Council's website or follow its Love Watford Facebook page or twitter page @WatfordCouncil.

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