Confidence-building course for women, with a twist!
19th March 2013
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Men, look away now. This message is just for women!

Do you feel like your career has reached a plateau?

Do you regret not going for a promotion or a better job?

Have your kids now left home and left you wondering 'what's next for me?'

Do you want to start your own business, but fear (and everyone else's opinion of what you can or should do) is holding you back?

Do you wish you could communicate better?

Then my company Advantage Woman has a course that might be the very thing that you want.

On Saturday 27 April in Watford, Advantage Woman is running a 1-day confidence-building and goal-setting course just for women.

Over the two days you will:

- Become motivated and inspired to deliver at a higher level at work;

- Discover the invisible rules of career and business success;

- Learn how to break through the mental barriers that may be holding you back;

- Develop better relationships with your manager/staff, colleagues, customers/clients and people around you;

- Reconnect with your purpose and passion;

- Gain greater confidence in what you choose to accomplish;

- Become more focussed and motivated about working towards your goals;

- Have a greater impact and make a bigger difference in your life, your work, your world.

And there's a dramatic finish!

At the end of the day we'll show you how to break through a solid wooden board with your bare hand. Yep, just like in the movies. Why? Because barriers are often in the mind...

We want to help as many local women as possible to start to make a positive change in their lives so this full day course is priced at just £45. Only a few places remain so if you're interested in joining us sign up via the Advantage Woman website.

Join us, and find the inner strength you didn't know you had!


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