Free Dog Checkups in Watford parks
25th May 2012
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Summer is here and whilst we all know not to leave dogs locked in the car, what if you have any other health concerns about your four legged friend?


Well dog owners of Watford don't need to worry any more as the PDSA are beginning their mobile vet surgeries to town in June.


Dogs love a trip to the park, which is why the PetCheck units will be spending time at Cassiobury, Callowfields and Garston Parks in Watford over the coming weeks.


As well as offering dental and general health checks and advise, the PDSA are also offering affordable microchipping.


Canine health is a growing concern as obesity in dogs is on the rise with 58% of pets being regularly fed high fat 'treats' such as cheese, crisps and leftover takeaway. This leads to not only obesity but other problems such as diabetes arthritis and heart disease.


Experts will give your dog the once over, examining weight, body shape and their coat before giving you advice on the best way to care for your pooch.


PDSA Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Sean Wensley, said: “These figures highlight the importance of our Petcheck tour in helping owners to have a deeper understanding of their pet’s health and welfare needs and how to meet them. Owners generally want the best for their pets, and by providing advice and support to owners PDSA aims to help improve pet wellbeing across the UK.”


The PetCheck unit will be be operational between 10am and 5pm at the three Watford parks on the 6th (Garston), 7th (Callowfields) and 8th (Cassiobury).


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