Former Conservative club could become an Islamic centre.
23rd April 2011
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Watford could see a former Conservative club dramatically transformed into an Islamic centre.


A planning application has been received by the council to turn the former West Watford Conservative Club, in Harwoods Road into an Islamic education and prayer centre.


The change of use application has been filed by Dawat-E-Islami, a Pakistan based organisation, dedicated to promoting Islamic beliefs.


Negotiations are underway to secure the purchase of the property and if the change of use is approved it is thought the centre could be open to the public before the end of this year.


Spokesman for the Dawat-E-Islami, Khalid Mirza said, 'There are two mosques in the town but there is a big distance between them ... there is a demand for this in the local community.'


Watford Borough Council will be consulting with neighbouring residents before making their ruling.





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