Flytippers Beware!
25th May 2012
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A Stanmore resident has been convicted of knowingly causing flytipping in Cow Lane, N Watford.

In October 2011 a flytip, consisting of household waste, was reported at a garage block situated within a residential area of Cow Lane.

An investigation was subsequently carried out by Watford Borough Council's Enviromental Crime team which resulted in the interview of a Stanmore resident under caution at the Town Hall.

The resident admitted flytipping the waste of another resident for a fee of £50.

The flytipper pleaded guilty at the Magistrates Court earlier this month and was fined a total of £500.

Please be reminded that there is no need to pay someone to get rid of your rubbish illegally as it is easy to arrange for the council to dispose of unwanted items for a reasonable charge.

For more information tel: 01923 235946

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