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13th August 2014
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"University is not the only way!" So says Watford Lib Dem Mayor Dorothy who is urging young people across Watford to consider apprenticeships as an alternative. 

1.8 million people have started apprenticeships in the last four years, which is the biggest growth since the 1950s. Over 2820 have commenced apprenticeships in Watford alone and have been a major part of the success story for West Herts College

So, whatever your results why not have a look at an alternative to university? As one youngster said recently to me "It's a great way to earn while you learn." Certainly better than being out of work and hampered with debts. It always seems easier to find a new job when you've already got one, especially if you have the qualifications and experience an apprenticeship can bring.

Check out the Apprenticeships web site here 

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