Enjoy the last few days of sunshine by taking advantage of what Watford has to offer
30th September 2011
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Halloween decorations, fireworks and even Christmas cards have started springing up in the shops, and at the moment it can feel a little strange to be greeted with the face of Father Christmas when you pop into a shop to enjoy a blast on their air conditioning because it’s 25 degrees outside.

So we’re in the final stages of the summer, and over the last few years, this sort of weather has certainly been the exception rather than the rule.

Why not make sure you get out and enjoy it whilst it lasts?

If you fancy taking up an outdoor hobby that you may not have tried, what about golf or horse-riding? You can give both a try with Best of Watford members, TopGolf or The Stanmore Riding School.

One of the joys of summer is sitting in a pub beer garden with a couple of drinks whiling the evening away with friends. It’s a traditional British image but the Friday night pub visit takes a Teutonic twist at The Bierkeller on The Parade, Watford. Every Friday through October will see a taste of Munich in Watford, featuring a Oompah Band and authentic Bavarian food.

Or for a more traditional autumnal activity, St Michael’s Church is holding a Harvest Festival and Craft Fair on Sunday 2nd October.

Winter is only around the corner, so don’t miss what is probably your final chance to get out and about in 2011 before you pack away the shorts and dig out the coats.

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