Employee Engagement with Facebook, Yay or Nay?
13th November 2013
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Facebook engagement with friends is an important part of marketing. However, ever thought about your employees using Facebook? Most businesses will have banned the use of it and alot will have used it against people to discourage them to use it. However, what we say is let your employees use their Facebook at work and encourage them to engage with the business account. 

So, what are the benefits of employee engagement?  For every Facebook post that your employee engages with, 20-50% of their friends will see that post.

The average Facebook user has over 200 friends, so if your employees like 2-5 posts, they’ll expose your brand to every friend on their list. Not only will your brand be shown to these people, it will be presented as a trusted recommendation from a friend, which is the most powerful social signal of all. 

Due to most people's profiles being private, you can't force them to engage with your business account. However, what you can do is give them an incentive to do so.

A great idea the Mingler team had is to give a monetary reward, so for every post they get 50p, but make sure you have a cap on the daily allowance otherwise you could end up broke! 

If you have any more ideas in how to incentivise employees to engage with your business account then please, send in your comments to info@socialmingler.co.uk or head to www.socialmingler.co.uk to leave a comment. 

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