Emotional Freedom Technique
20th December 2013
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EFT as this technique is known by has helped countless people around the world.  It is so,simple yet incredibly effective.  The results for me have been instant and lasting which is why this is something everyone can easily use, once learnt.  It is acupuncture without the needles.  It consists of tapping on the points around the top half of your body and expressing the negative feelings which may be bothering you.  It simply releases the fears attached to the issue.  Our thoughts are so powerful and can help us if they are positive but hurt us If they are negative.  Sometimes we can become so fearful that we can bring on symptoms that may affect our health.  It makes perfect sense to me to try to let go of the fears which we have talked ourselves to believe are real in order to feel more at ease with ourselves. 

I have had many clients come to me with fears that have been stopping them living a balanced life.  We go through the tapping sequence whilst expressing their fears.  This could alter their belief after one to three sessions. After these session's when I ask how they now feel about their fear they honestly cannot understand what the problem was they came with.  I just love the way we can now help ourselves once this simple technique has been learnt.  I have used it on anything and everything for myself and know it works.  

I have found that the thought of becoming successful can stop people even trying especially in business.  The fear that others may not approve or  like you if you change, others may be jealous, want you stay as you are and many other reasons.  By using EFT you can begin to understand what it is that may be stopping you moving forward.  It is only a thought and a thought can be changed. 

I will be blogging on a regular basis to bring you more on how you can change your thoughts and bring about positive change in any area of your life.  You just have to be open, willing and ready to give yourself this wonderful gift.  You can only ever change yourself. 

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