Don't let your business wither on the Vine
25th January 2013
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The hot new development on social media this month is Vine, Twitter's new 'microvideo' application.

You'll be familiar already I'm sure with Twitter's punchy 140-character 'tweet' format.

I bet you're also very familiar with YouTube, where you can create a 'channel' for you business and share professionally-produced or home-made videos about your products and services.

That's all great stuff, but when I heard that Twitter had come up with a new product - video microblogging that enables you to create and share teeny-tiny 6-SECOND videos - well, it nearly blew my mind!

Many business owners attend networking events where we have 60 seconds to talk about our business (this is often referred to as an 'elevator pitch'). Well then, here's a fresh challenge: produce a compelling video about your business, product or service that is no more than SIX SECONDS long!

I'm very excited to hear how local businesses in our area are going to rise to this most creative challenge.

As I write, there's some debate about whether the automatic looping (playing the video over and over again) is useful or annoying, but it's early days for Vine and user opinion will eventually persuade Twitter on that one. Plus, Vine is only currently available as an app for iPhone and iPad, though I'm sure that will change over time.

Have you produced a six-second video for your Twitter feed yet? Please let us know - I can't wait to see what the creative business people of Watford will produce!

Got an iPhone or iPad? Download the Vine app here.


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