Community clean-up!
28th November 2011
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Residents in Nascot, Callowland, Vicarage and Central wards have come together to improve their neighbourhood by working with the Watford Borough Council for important cleaning and maintenance to take place.


Parked cars in the area had always previously hampered any work to clean up and keep the roads in a good state of repair.


But the community pulled together and co-operated in ensuring that parked cars were moved for the day to allow Watford Borough Council sweepers to come in and not only clean the roads, but undertake vital maintenance such as cleaning the gullies and repainting white lines and repairing street lights – which has also previously proved difficult.


Elected Mayor of Watford, Dorothy Thornhill said: “The current deep clean programme has recently finished. This initiative gives our residents an improved neighbourhood and encourages everyone to keep their roads clean and rubbish free. 


“I would like to thank all those whose roads have been cleaned for their cooperation in moving their vehicles and congratulate all our hard working crews who have gone the extra mile to make our streets spick and span!”


The work affected more than 1,600 households in 26 roads throughout Nascot, Callowland, Vicarage and Central wards.


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